Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 6, 2022



Author : Judy Byington

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2 years ago

This money reset sounds to me like more of the same control by the masters of money .Cant really touch it our self and can only have the interest it earns, well that aint my money then it belongs to big brother and his daddy, what a kick in the head .They say they have all the gold, and their going to keep it while we all just get a dole . From one thief`s hand to another … Control by masters of money will never quit until we the people make a stand once and for all …

2 years ago

same news different day…fear mongering.

2 years ago

What “security of the people”? Here in the US, along with our government targeting us for extermination, we have millions of criminals invading our country, intent on stealing massive tax funds from us … and worse; BLM and Antifa wander around looking for arson targets;

stores will go back to requiring masks at the next engineered “pandemic” (masks which will cause dementia in later life for many), churches would love to require masks again, and schools are STILL FORCING masks; fuel is skyrocketing so many won’t be able to drive to stores; the food chain is being deliberately destroyed; many violent criminals have been released and many have invaded the country so food we grow ourselves is not secure;

our currency is being deliberately destroyed; we have the threat of losing everything we have worked for and saved in banks, and anything we might have invested on the stock market is at risk; Biden/actor is throwing money away as fast as possible.

What security is the Military Quantum Computer checking on?

2 years ago

Today on Rush’s old show (on a local channel in Austin, Texas, amazingly) there was a long discussion of how many people were guilty in the Covid Hoax, including the obvious criminals PLUS doctors, nurses, schools, stores .. anyone who pushed the Covid Hoax agenda in any way. I was surprised that ultra-liberal Austin allowed it.

The military may also be covering for the brass that inflicted a bioweapon on our soldiers. Tribunals will know what to do with them.

“… we have all seen …” We have NOT seen a pandemic. Cases were invented for money; people were murdered for money; VAERS has fudged its records very likely for money; Covid-19 has never been isolated despite scientists all over the world trying to isolate it; flu almost disappeared while the made-up cases of Covid were at their highest numbers; when the fraud reduced, flu came back. We don’t need the Covid Hoax pushed here, too. That would help the Deep State pull off their Avian Flu Hoax.

2 years ago

So now that a study has shown that MMS blocks spike proteins, shouldn’t Injectees be forced to take MMS, as many people were forced to take the Injections that caused the spike proteins? Or should Injectees just be quarantined for the foreseeable future, or until they are no longer shedding spike proteins on Purebloods?

In massively overpopulated China, they are developing a way to have an even higher birth rate? That should be a clue to all other countries as to what China’s plan is.

Amazing how many people are just now finding out that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen, and that the Covid Injections are weapons of world depopulation. Many of us have known since 2020.

2 years ago

So where ARE the ten most treasonous phone calls of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff? More secrets kept from us?

Supposedly, off world beings are keeping nuclear weapons from working. If so, China’s nuclear weapons would be worthless.

To people who survive this Deep State attack: Never, never, NEVER let China become so important again. I don’t care if NESARA/GESARA come in and the world looks peachy keen; China has proven that it can’t be trusted.

The Chinese could be cleared out of America in a couple of weeks, and so could the illegal aliens. Eisenhower proved that.

Jeff Titmarsh
Jeff Titmarsh
2 years ago

this publication is my daily dose of hope

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