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Marta Magdalena LeFave
Marta Magdalena LeFave
29 days ago

Killery Clinton has been dead since 2018.

Sad Eyes
Martin Gifford
29 days ago

Since my last info how Herbert Walker, and his two Secret Service goons held my arms up, busted a couple of my ribs. And then punching me in the gut a few times, and how my leg came up, my foot catching him in his balls. I guess that pissed him off, cause he had his goons bend me over trunk, and dropped my pants, then his own. And how a guy comes out of the house that we had thought was empty. Old Herbert screaming for his guys to shield him as he was making his way around the other side of the car, trying to hide and get his pants up at the same time. It was quite comical. I got my pants up, but not fastened, and I guess my programming kicked in, cause I got up on the trunk, and on top of the hood, and Herbert’s shouting for the other goon to get in. I jumped as I saw him pull his gun out of his shoulder holster, and was pointing it at the man who had came out, and landed on the guy while hitting his weapon arm down. He threw me down, Herbert’s screaming at him to get in, and I could hear sirens. Right now, I’m trying to get the name of the officer of the Waynesville, MO. Police Department, who showed up. One other thing: the man’s wife had taken pics of the whole thing from a window inside the house.

Lorinda Madore
29 days ago

HAHA that’s funny. LBJ was a sh*t head. I don’t think anybody on either side of the isle liked him.

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