Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update January 23, 2023


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Randy R Daniels
1 year ago

Hello Miss Judy, hopi blessings to you young lady, for your amazing and intricate work, getting this info together and sorted out to give to us, the internet group, and of course, other patriots of our precious constitution of the American flag, country, and President, Donald Trump! I know better and that it’s for a good reason, that every other country seems to be being taken care of first, that is, America, being Trump’s back yard, his country and all, why isn’t or why can’t America get totally fixed, if you will, FIRST? I mean, I now everything has to be done by the law or our constitution laws and those things that apply to what’s right, so that the majority, that’s not awake, won’t become or start a civil war! Iraq and the dinar, are starting to really irritate me and I’m sure others, as well! With all this proof of treason, money luandering, child trafficking, and everything else on the last few presidents and everybody else involved with the DS/Cabal, I still haven’t understood, that if I commit a crime as serious, the athorities will hunt me down IMMEDIATELY, capture me, advise me, have a trial guilty or not, judge me, and sentence me! This will put a complete STOP, of everything concerning me, that’s concerning the laws I’ve broken! So, is there still cabal in the Iraqi government and if so, aren’t we all looking at the proof, being those who are dragging their feet or are those particular Iraqis, this stupid in an innocent way? Heck, I’m not even sure I know what I’m talking about! Anyway, one other thing, please! A few of your updates ago, it had mentioned a bit about the birth certificates and the number of the certificate and that we can use it to find possible monies from the cabal’s use of our certificates, even giving some instructions how to start searching, well, I’m probably stupid, which is my problem I’m sure, or my birth certificate number is nowhere to be found, so I’m gonna have to wait on the time of disclosure, as stated in that info on the update! Just thought I’d mention that, in case there’s another way to go! Blessings Miss Judy!

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